Social Media – The Personal Touch

Twitter has transformed the way companies advertise, promote and market themselves but more importantly the way they communicate with their customers. Picking up the phone to make a call is a thing of the past, customers now pick up their phones and Tweet.

Many companies such as Innocent Drinks (@innocentdrinks), Jaffa Cakes (@RealJaffaCakes) and Tesco Mobile (@tescomobile) have mastered the art of using Twitter to their advantage by giving customers a mix of a human person, humour and help. Their witty comebacks and instant advice gives customers that friendly face to talk to when they have an issue and it seems that this is the way forward.

From unhappy experiences to problems with products, customers now take to Twitter to voice their unhappiness and companies know that this can be detrimental to their brand. So the new ‘social media way’ is to face it head on by replying to these potentially damaging Tweets offering any help they can, turning a negative experience into a positive one.

So as well as Twitter being a way to promote your products and services, be sure to use it to communicate with unhappy customers and clients. Don’t ignore negative Tweets, face them! Tweet back offering any help or advice you can and slowly but surely unhappy consumers will recognise that you are willing to assist meaning they feel valued – which is is an key factor to having happy customers.

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