Marketing Materials All Under One Roof for Birdsall!


When it comes to marketing materials it’s key to ensure they represent your brand correctly and they reach the right audience. It’s even more important to ensure your items are designed well and your brand is kept consistent – and what better way to ensure all of the above than by having a company who can provide multiple marketing materials and services for your business, all under one roof.

One of our most recent projects highlighting the importance of this included designing a range of branded marketing materials for Birdsall, an air conditioning and cooling services company.

We used our knowledge of branding, design and marketing to design and build a mobile responsive website, design a variation of eye catching exhibition banners, create impactful illustrations and design multiple informative service brochures – whilst ensuring that all brand colours, style and visual aspects were kept consistent.

Birdsall Exhibition Banners
Birdsall Exhibition Banners and Stands

At 4fx we understand the power of branding. Whether it’s a simple advert or a targeted sales brochure, a fresh and exciting user-friendly website or a whole new brand identity, our design work always looks good AND drives your business forward.

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Case Study – The MRN


The MRN are leading providers of home healthcare for patients in clinical trials. Being an international organisation, with offices in the UK and US, they are able to operate in almost any country around the globe. Email marketing is a valuable tool for the MRN as it allows them to target a worldwide audience.

We design and manage weekly email marketing campaigns for the MRN to promote their services. Their content ranges from information based eshots to promoting their biannual newsletters and their CEO blog.

Some of their best statistics include:

Open rate of 16.02%
Click through rate of 8.63%

Open rate of 12.02%
Click through rate of 9.59%

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Meet Our…Marketing Assistant

Marketing Assistant

Emma is part of our Marketing  Team and runs the 4fx Blog. She covers a variety of areas including Email Marketing, Social Media, Search Engine Optimisation, Google Analytics, copy writing and app and website testing.

What made you become a Marketing Assistant?
I was never really sure what I wanted to do career wise but I have always enjoyed being creative. Working as a Marketing Assistant for a graphic design company suites me perfectly as it allows me to channel my creativity through lots of different forms.

Favourite film
It’s a tough choice between The Island, Shutter Island and The Notebook – three very different films!

Favourite food
Nachos and fajitas – anything Mexican!

Best piece of advice someone has given you
Everything will be OK in the end

Seeing new things, cats and cocktails

Tomatoes, chipped nail polish and flying