Have you seen the latest wearable technology brought to you by Google and Levi’s?

Google is teaming up with Levi’s this year to work on Project Jacquard, which uses ‘Smart Fabric’. The denim jacket will connect to your smart phone at times that you are unable to hold your phone.

After multiple tests the project has created conductive yarns, which combine metallic alloys with natural and synthetic fibers making the yarns safe to be woven on any industrial loom. The alloy yarns look like any other type of fabric, which means they can be woven into almost any garment.


Image by Google & Levi’s 

After the difficulty Google had with the ‘Google Glass’ Google has sought help with reputable fashion retailer Levi’s. Google says that the amalgamation of these two companies shows that the concept of their smart fabric can be applied to any garment from high end to freely accessible fashion. Something wearable technology has yet to fully accomplish.

Most of the jacket design remains a classic denim jacket, ­only the cuff is integrated with the digital functionality. This means the garment is almost fully machine washable, as long as you take off the removable smart tag.

The smart tag houses all the necessary electronics; it completes the circuit if you will. In terms of ascetics, it is reasonably un-offensive. Relatively small, the smart tag fits onto the jacket cuff with the bulk of it being about the size of a large button.

Here at 4fx we think this is really interesting, and we are always excited to see new developments within the world of technology, design and coding.

For more details and updates follow Project Jacquard here: https://atap.google.com/jacquard/