Email Marketing Hits The Spot

Email Marketing Mockup Twitter & FBTalking about email marketing is one of our favourite things to do! Part of the reason we love to talk about it so much is because we sent around 300 email marketing campaigns in 2016. Email Marketing is by far one of the most popular advertising methods and usually most consistent when it comes to bringing a return.

We’ve had loads of exciting campaigns over the last few months, including MRN’s email that had a pre-filled out RSVP email to an event invitation, loads of seasonal emails, Christmas, spring and summer newsletters. Email marketing is not only a great way to drive sales; it’s also excellent to strengthen customer loyalty.

Sending campaigns with us means you get not only get great subscriber tracking breakdowns but your eshot looks good and is designed to reach your target market. Having opens, clicks, bounce rates and unsubscribe information right at your fingertips live and real time means you are able to get a thorough insight into the success of your campaign.

Using this information allows businesses to generate influential campaigns time and time again. Understand what the subscribers like to read about, how many images they like per campaign, how many links per campaign, which link out of all of them in the campaign are they most likely to click. All this information enables the businesses to study their subscribers and send the most successful campaign to get a greater return on investment.

Our campaigns have been extremely successful proving that good data, good design and a well thought out campaign brings good results. If you want to talk to us about how to get the most out of your marketing strategy by using us to create great email marketing campaigns, why not get in touch, to find out all about our exciting alternatives to basic campaigns?

Did you see us at MKEX Technology Exhibition?

We had a fantastic day exhibiting at the MKEX Technology Exhibition which was held at MK Dons Stadium, Milton Keynes.

MKEX is a brilliant exhibition that showcases technology from Education to Industry and attracts exhibitors and visitors from all around the country. It was a great opportunity to meet and speak to other local and national businesses within the same industry, as well as getting our own name and services out there. We would highly recommend attending and exhibiting to any business looking to network and gain some new contacts – we’re already planning our next exhibition!


Are you attending an exhibition soon? We provide exhibition stands, podiums, flyers, brochures and lots more design items that are key for getting your business noticed.

Give us a call on 01908 375200 to find out more.

New Website Launch!



We’re over the moon to announce the launch of our new website!

Designed with a fresh, funky new look and super user-friendly navigation, you’ll be able to find all the information you require about our services from engaging apps and responsive websites to brilliant brochures and effective press ads.

You may even learn a fact or two about the office!

We hope you enjoy our new site, what are you waiting for… go take a look here!

Marketing Materials All Under One Roof for Birdsall!


When it comes to marketing materials it’s key to ensure they represent your brand correctly and they reach the right audience. It’s even more important to ensure your items are designed well and your brand is kept consistent – and what better way to ensure all of the above than by having a company who can provide multiple marketing materials and services for your business, all under one roof.

One of our most recent projects highlighting the importance of this included designing a range of branded marketing materials for Birdsall, an air conditioning and cooling services company.

We used our knowledge of branding, design and marketing to design and build a mobile responsive website, design a variation of eye catching exhibition banners, create impactful illustrations and design multiple informative service brochures – whilst ensuring that all brand colours, style and visual aspects were kept consistent.

Birdsall Exhibition Banners
Birdsall Exhibition Banners and Stands

At 4fx we understand the power of branding. Whether it’s a simple advert or a targeted sales brochure, a fresh and exciting user-friendly website or a whole new brand identity, our design work always looks good AND drives your business forward.

To find out more about our design services give us a call on
01908 375 200 or drop us an email to

“A good infographic is worth a thousand words”

But what exactly is an infographic and how can it benefit
your business?

A well designed infographic is a fantastic way to present information, statistics and even accomplishments in a visual way. Although they have been around for a number of years it’s only recently that businesses have started to use them to captivate their target audience.

What can an infographic be used for?
Different businesses use infographics for different reasons. In general they are used to build brand awareness however, they can be very
beneficial when you need to get a message out and across to your
required audience.

Businesses that are very statistic based can use an infographic to relay key statistics and metrics to their audience in a much more visual and engaging way. Other businesses choose to provide information using graphics and images within an infographic rather than text based
documents, as the majority of people process information better when it’s presented in a visual format.

What are the key features of an infographic?
It’s important to keep the following in mind within an infographic:

  • Engagement – include graphics and imagery
  • Reliability – ensure your data, sources and statistics are all accurate
  • Simplicity – clear and easy to understand
  • Good design – from colours to typography, make sure it’s visually
  • Informative – information and message is useful to readers

How can we help you?
At 4fx we love an infographic and our designers love creating them! If you’re on the look out for a new, informative and engaging way to market your business or services then get in touch with us today by dropping an email to

Website Redesign & Build – MRN


Did you know updating your website can increase the average time users spend on your site by 39%? That’s exactly what we’ve done for Medical Research Network (MRN)! By redesigning and building their new website, we have increased the amount of users, sessions, page views and session durations.

Over the past few years the MRN have expanded rapidly, so to reflect this new growth and development the team wanted a new website to represent them as they are now the market leader in global home healthcare for clinical trials.

The previous MRN website was beginning to look very outdated and session durations were low as users were becoming bombarded with the sheer amount of information on the pages. When producing visuals, our Design Team worked closely with the MRN and took on board their requirements to ensure the new designs had simple and intuitive navigation, ease of access to important information and key statistics and metrics were showing on page.

The new website includes:

  • Mobile responsive design
  • Resource library
  • Content management system
  • Easy navigation
  • Vacancy management
  • Latest blog post feed
  • Twitter feed

Take a look at the new website here.

We’ve worked with the MRN for numerous years providing them with various pieces of creative design materials including adverts, quarterly corporate newsletters, stationery, unique email marketing campaigns and of course, the design and build of their new website.

If you would like to find out more about website design or any of the services listed above, give us a call on 01908 375200!

Montreal Associates


Last year we partnered with Montreal Associates, a specialist IT recruitment agency providing services in Europe.

So far we have provided Montreal Associates with an update to their corporate identity and they are regularly using our email marketing system. We are also well underway with the build of their multilingual website and multilingual blog.

Once the website and blog is complete we will also be providing Montreal Associates with Search Engine Optimisation.

Our design and development teams are well underway with this project and we are very excited to be working with Montreal Associates.

To be kept up to date with all our latest projects and work, follow us on Twitter and Instagram.

Marketing Services for Interact Medical


Over the last few months we have been contracted to design and manage a marketing strategy for Interact Medical to promote and enhance their business profile within their marketplace.

Interact Medical are one of the largest independent medical recruitment agencies based in the UK with framework status. They have been awarded multiple recognitions including London Stock Exchange Group’s ‘1000 Companies to Inspire Britain’ and Recruitment International’s Top 500 Recruiters.

Using our comprehensive knowledge and expertise in both the marketing and recruitment areas, we have been providing Interact Medical with the following services; design, build and send of email marketing campaigns, management of multiple social media networks, blog management, design and supply of exhibition displays and marketing materials for events, design and collaboration of a quarterly newsletter, search engine optimisation and pay per click Adwords management.

If you would like to find out more about our marketing services and to discuss how we may be able to help promote your business, take a look at our website or give us a call on 01908 375 200!

Meet Our…Graphic Designer


Alex is one of our Graphic Designers and is quite new to the office! He will be working on lots of exciting projects from marketing and advertising materials, email marketing designs, exhibition items and much more!

Why did you want to be Graphic Designer?
I like to create things and get paid so Graphic Design was perfect!

Favourite film
Lego Movie, I still think it’s better than Toy Story 1, 2 and 3

Party trick
I can balance an umbrella on my foot like a circus clown

Travelling to places I’ve never been before, cooking new things and Geometric design

Losing at tennis every week, Audi drivers and Piers Morgan