W2GO App


We have recently launched a fantastic website and app designed to help individuals find great places to go out, through recommendations and suggestions of other users. With its sleek design and easy to navigate user interface it is simple to find new venues in your area. You can also review each and every experience you have at your venue of choice as well as accessing current deals and discounts in your area.

Easily downloadable from the App Store, you’ll be able to find an evening out for everyone with W2GO. Whether it’s a comedy club, theatre, sports bar or health spa, W2GO provides loads of great new venues for you to chose from.

Once you have registered and logged in, you’ll be able to share your favorite spots as well as discount deals with your friends and other users. Easily divided into types of night on both the website and the app, you will never be short of a venue to suit your night.

Voice Assistants and Search Engine Optimization

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It is clear that the way we use search engines is changing. A rise in freely available voice assistants such as Cortana, Siri and Alexa means it is inevitable that we will become more and more dependent on voice searches. Google has been working diligently to improve it’s user experience, which means that voice searching is becoming more efficient, allowing it to become more popular.

We use a completely different sentence structure when searching via Siri or Alexa. When using a typed language we are more likely to use shorter words and phrases. A sort of Google shorthand. When we use Siri to find something, we are more likely to use a question and use the word ‘my’. This meant that Google has had to become smarter, identifying ‘my’ as the person who is speaking, the question or request itself and the context surrounding it.

One of Google’s improvements allows it to have access to your location so when you search for you’re nearest coffee shop, Google brings up your closest options. To avoid your website not ranking on Google in this way, include a detailed location page on your website, questions about your location on a FAQ’s page and an embedded Google maps on your location page.

Google now retains more personal information about users than ever before. It saves regular locations, i.e. your doctors, your work, hairdressers and home. In order to benefit from this, businesses need to make sure they become regular locations. Using social media ‘check in’s’ at your locations and making sure your locations page is up to date is a good start.

Google can link previous searches with current searches. If you are already showing your friend a Wikipedia page of Charlotte Church and you ask Alexa “Show me pictures of ‘Charlotte’”. Google can use your previous searches to determine which ‘Charlotte’ you are talking about.

The language used to search for our questions is constantly changing so the words and phrases in our strategy for typed searches are now at risk of becoming out of date. If we consider a few simple points we are able to make our SEO strategy voice search ready:

  • Add a more conversational tone to our websites, doing this allows the conversational tone to match up with the voice of your searchers.
  • Cater for both typed and vocal searches. Someone who types a question may be ready to do a little research on your businesses someone who voice searches may be after short, quick and easy answers, provide both types of answer. So that your website will come up no matter of the type of search being used.
  • Make sure your website is easily readable by Google, especially directions to locations are readable by search engines, this is one of the most common voice request searches.
  • Make sure your FAQ’s page includes ‘who’, ‘what’, ‘why’, ‘where’, ‘when’ and ‘how’ as these are extremely common in a voice search.Businesses work hard to create a pro-active SEO strategies, that will enhance their companies ranking on Google. By ensuring that your SEO strategy is voice search ready your SEO strategy will remain current for longer.

Email Marketing Hits The Spot

Email Marketing Mockup Twitter & FBTalking about email marketing is one of our favourite things to do! Part of the reason we love to talk about it so much is because we sent around 300 email marketing campaigns in 2016. Email Marketing is by far one of the most popular advertising methods and usually most consistent when it comes to bringing a return.

We’ve had loads of exciting campaigns over the last few months, including MRN’s email that had a pre-filled out RSVP email to an event invitation, loads of seasonal emails, Christmas, spring and summer newsletters. Email marketing is not only a great way to drive sales; it’s also excellent to strengthen customer loyalty.

Sending campaigns with us means you get not only get great subscriber tracking breakdowns but your eshot looks good and is designed to reach your target market. Having opens, clicks, bounce rates and unsubscribe information right at your fingertips live and real time means you are able to get a thorough insight into the success of your campaign.

Using this information allows businesses to generate influential campaigns time and time again. Understand what the subscribers like to read about, how many images they like per campaign, how many links per campaign, which link out of all of them in the campaign are they most likely to click. All this information enables the businesses to study their subscribers and send the most successful campaign to get a greater return on investment.

Our campaigns have been extremely successful proving that good data, good design and a well thought out campaign brings good results. If you want to talk to us about how to get the most out of your marketing strategy by using us to create great email marketing campaigns, why not get in touch, to find out all about our exciting alternatives to basic campaigns?

Have you seen the latest wearable technology brought to you by Google and Levi’s?

Google is teaming up with Levi’s this year to work on Project Jacquard, which uses ‘Smart Fabric’. The denim jacket will connect to your smart phone at times that you are unable to hold your phone.

After multiple tests the project has created conductive yarns, which combine metallic alloys with natural and synthetic fibers making the yarns safe to be woven on any industrial loom. The alloy yarns look like any other type of fabric, which means they can be woven into almost any garment.


Image by Google & Levi’s 

After the difficulty Google had with the ‘Google Glass’ Google has sought help with reputable fashion retailer Levi’s. Google says that the amalgamation of these two companies shows that the concept of their smart fabric can be applied to any garment from high end to freely accessible fashion. Something wearable technology has yet to fully accomplish.

Most of the jacket design remains a classic denim jacket, ­only the cuff is integrated with the digital functionality. This means the garment is almost fully machine washable, as long as you take off the removable smart tag.

The smart tag houses all the necessary electronics; it completes the circuit if you will. In terms of ascetics, it is reasonably un-offensive. Relatively small, the smart tag fits onto the jacket cuff with the bulk of it being about the size of a large button.

Here at 4fx we think this is really interesting, and we are always excited to see new developments within the world of technology, design and coding.

For more details and updates follow Project Jacquard here: https://atap.google.com/jacquard/

MSI Group Awarded CCS G-Cloud 7 with i-Engage

I-engageWe’re very excited to announce that our client MSI Group have been awarded CCS G-Cloud 7 which allows them, on successful tender, to sell their managed services solution, i-Engage, as the supported technology in contracts.

i-Engage is a recruitment management system 4fx designed, developed and built, to allow MSI to be able to act as a master vendor for contracts within the healthcare recruitment arena. We used our substantial industry knowledge based upon systems we have successfully built and deployed in the past to create i-Engage. The system has been very well received both within MSI and from the end client themselves, with the easy to use non-cluttered interface being highlighted as one of the best features of a very technical product.

The G-Cloud contract is accessible by any Public Sector organisation that has signed up to it including MOD and local government.